Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 and beyond: Faster, Cheaper, Accurate

2013 and beyond

Faster, Cheaper,  Accurate.

We would like to give you an update on the recent changes and improvement done during the current year.
Your satisfaction is at the top of our priorities. We listen to your feedback and focused this year on improving Feng-GUI at 3 key points: Faster, Cheaper and Accurate.

New Features

We've added several features to the Dashboard to make your user experience even better.

View all images - The bottom carousel is no longer showing only 20 recent images. You can navigate to older images by using the prev and next navigation links.

Delete an image - You can delete an image and multiple images by multi-selecting number of thumbnails using the CTRL key.

Profile Information - At "Account details" > "profile details" you can change password and also associate multiple emails with your account, in case you've forgot your password.

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Web API for Developers

We decided to move from the old Reseller Agreement to an open API Agreement.
The API Agreement does not require any mutual signups of Feng-GUI and the Licensee.
The API Agreement has no minimum payments. You can use any of the regular credits packages.


New Price and Plans credit packages. Starting from $25 for three months. Some good for small projects. other are best for bigger projects
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Analysis Performance - The speed of Face, Text and Skin detection was improved. It takes less time to analyze your images and you can accomplish your tasks faster.

Text Detection - Added support for detecting characters written in ANY language.

Copy & Paste of AOIs
Instead of spending lots of time when re-creating the AOIs for every image from scratch, You can now Copy & Paste AOIs between images.


Gaze Plots - Increased the number of gaze plots from 16 points to 20 points. The duration between each point is 250ms-300ms, increasing to 20 points is making the report fully coverage a duration of 5 seconds.

Reports Gallery - The website contains a new reports gallery with eye-tracking comparison.

Case Studies

"Feng-GUI was able to provide similar results as eye-tracking and thus may significantly reduce website development cost and contribute to more efficient marketing communications. The analysis confirmed that Feng-GUI can digest management relevant outcomes for marketing managers and web designers who oversee and take decisions about the international portfolio of brand websites. "

Tomáš Kincl, Ph.D. Dept. of Exact Methods Faculty of Management University of Economics, Prague

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