Saturday, July 11, 2009

Next Generation Digital Media Survival Kit

Following the Innovation Summit at Berlin, Wolf Siegert Ph.D. from IRIS Media ( came to Israel looking for the Next Generation Digital Media Survival Kit. Wolf was interviewing for 3 days various New Media companies including Feng-GUI

Here is part of his report auto translated from German to English

This Sunday is - in Israel - a working day.
The theme - Next Generation Digital Media Survival Kit - this was three days on the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute in Tel Aviv as follows in his "follower" by electronic bulletin announced:
One of the founders of this GarageGeeks - concept was already the day before the host of the Export Institute - now he is host.

His name Rafael Mizrahi shortened in speech-friendly on "Rafi, the job of the author is on the" changineers "and it will be shortened by" Rafi "with a very special welcome honors:
The particular pleasure of this meeting is in the fact that AOL's launch at the IFA in Berlin, the mid-90s in collaboration with the invitations took place today, and today - even the AOL brand - to the Telecom Italia was sold.
In advance of the event allowed Rafi, at the end of the room and settle the computer presentation.

Evening, half of new, suddenly met a big crowd of people and could be increased before this small work table.
And then began a lot of laughter during miscellaneous presentation of all sorts of nonsense, its deeper meaning is often not until the opening statements.
Around the bicycle with a motor, which does nothing more than to make noise and the environment to "contaminate".

Or snail mail to deal with CD-Rom wheels move attempt (even a "Snail mail" is nimble on the other hand ...)

After the exclusive presentation in the backyard Grage, participants gathered in the backyard and listened to Tim Armstrong keynotes.