Sunday, August 09, 2009

Whats new in Dashboard V2?

14th July 2009, Feng-GUI Dashboard V2 released.
here's some information on what's new in this release.

Loading time is 5 times faster.

The most recent generated images are presented in small thumbnails. These small images makes the page load 5 times faster.

Face and Skin detection
Increasing the accuracy of the attention heatmap by adding frontal and profile face detection along with skin hue detection.
Eye-tracking researches has proven that during the first half of a second we are attracted to faces found within the image.

Customized output layers
Choose which information to include at the output attention heatmap.

Transparent credit system
You can see how many credit you have at the Account Settings tab.

You only pay per image upload
We separated the upload and the heatmap into two actions.
Previously, if you wanted to test the same input image using different analysis parameters, you had to upload the same image every time you generate a heatmap.
Now, you are required to upload the input image only once, and for that image, you can generate as much heatmaps as you want.

And there’s another good thing for the Dashboard customers. You are charged only for the upload action, and
not for the heatmap action.
Notice, This does not apply to Web API users.
So this is how it goes. Click on ”Browse” button, to select an image file from your computer. Click the “Upload” button to upload it to the server.
Now, select the desired image from the thumbnails filmstrip at the bottom of the page, and click “Heatmap”.
This way, you can change the Analysis parameters and generate as much heatmaps without upload the image each time.