Friday, October 28, 2011

Bryan Eisenberg lists Feng-GUI as one of the 3 conversion optimization tools

source: aimClear

Bryan Eisenberg ,conversion optimization guru, lists Feng-GUI, out of 150 tools, as one of the 3 conversion optimization tools he wouldn’t want to live without.
The other two tools are and BoostCTR

Next month at Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2011, Bryan will take the stage on Day 1 to contribute his insightful two cents to the Conversion Tools of the Master Craftsman session.

Thanks! Bryan. We are flattered.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Using Feng-GUI in Determining Your Website’s Critical Path

Ben Snyder and Newman Lanier from Better User Experience blog, exploring Feng-GUI feedback during a redesign of a web page flow through a critical path towards higher conversions.

"What we were hoping to see was a visual narrative that made sense. In our original test, the gaze-plot was all over the place. Now that we’ve put the most important things out front and center, we should see the gaze-plot be a lot more orderly, an indication of understanding."

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