Saturday, March 23, 2013

Join Magic Egg Hunt and Get Over $5,000 in prizes

Feng-GUI has partnered with Link-Assistant.Com, Flippa, GetResponse, CommentLuv, WebMeUp and Mouseflow to come up with an exciting and totally magical Easter Egg hunt!

The rules are simple: starting with March 25 and for 5 days only, an egg will be hidden on one of the partners’ sites. Participants will get clues and find dragon eggs with codes and win prizes.
Each day there will be several winners to grab prizes over $5,000 in total.
Every day you’ll have a chance to win a Feng-GUI package and a bunch of other great prizes of top value for internet marketers:
-   SEO software,
-   user behavior testing,
-   press release distribution,
-   blog commenting apps.

Would hate to miss it? Register to participate now and guys from Link-Assistant.Com will give you heads-up.
The whole contest is around The Lord of the Rings theme, so if you happen to be a fan, you’ll enjoy it even more!

LG trolls Samsung's Times Square billboards

LG trolls Samsung's Times Square billboards with Optimus G '4' ads. With all colouring and branding looking similar, it creates the illusion of one single ad, rather than two, thus diverting attention off Samsung’s placement.

Monday, March 18, 2013

How to justify website maintenance

Paul Boag, Web Design Expert, using Feng-GUI to justify website maintenance.
Every organisation requires a programme of ongoing website maintenance, but management often doesn’t understand that. How then do you convince them?

The efficiency of B2B landing pages

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

walk though video of Feng-GUI dashboard

Here is a demo walk though video of Feng-GUI attention analysis dashboard v3 (2012)

Video link is
More details about the dashboard at

Feng-GUI vs Usabilityhub by a Better User Experience

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Feng-GUI vs…’! in this series we choose one homepage design and test it with the Feng-GUI attention tracking algorithm.
This week’s contender is usability hub, a website that offers three different services for the usability tester- 5 second test, navflow and clicktest. We’ve reviewed 5 fivesecondtest in the past and can recommend it with some reservations. The results are slightly suspect (see earlier post for the details) but the cost is right.

What heatmap solution is best?

What heatmap solution is best? 
11 Tools and suppliers at a glance. 
by Peer Wandiger at

read the article at :