Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sizzle Up Your Webpages: 7 Ways to Draw a Heat Map for Your Site

by http://www.link-assistant.com

All in all, heat maps help you locate hot spots on a webpage to stick an affiliate link, put up a banner or break your special offer. Also, click maps are normally quite precise and may provide valuable insight, for example - what particular word in your anchor text people normally click on, what part of your body text or image people mistake for a link, etc. In this post, we will dwell on some general rules that apply to heat maps and how you can create a heat map for your own website.

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Online Assessment Tools Electronics Marketers Can Use to See How Their Website Measures Up

Want to know how your website stacks up against your competitors?

Your website is the center of your online marketing activity. You spend a lot of effort driving people to it and measuring the Impressions, Clicks and Page Views resulting from your demand generation; but what about the site itself? Its design impacts user perception, conversions and search engine rankings. Today we give you some easy ways to measure how well your site design is holding up — and how it compares with your competitor's design.

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Power of Relevancy: The Biometric Impact of Online Advertising

via advertising.yahoo.com

Using biometric and eye-tracking measures, Yahoo! unveiled surprising results about consumers' non-conscious reactions to online display advertising across different targeting techniques.