Monday, September 07, 2020

Feng-GUI AI Vision vs. Eye Tracking ScanPath by SMI

Feng-GUI AI Vision vs. Eye Tracking ScanPath by SMI (left bottom)

AI-Powered Design Audit Tool

  •  Get instant feedback on visuals, at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional eye-tracking.
  •  Test websites, adverts, videos, print media, shelf layout, signage, and packaging design.
  •  Turn visual data into actionable insights.
  •  Stay ahead of the market by leveraging AI to continuously boost productivity and reduce costs.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

optimize the awareness of how to fight covid-19

Feng-GUI powers CreateXY to optimize the awareness of how to fight covid-19 in BAG's signage Corona campaign


Feng-GUI 7.4 - Video heatmap released

Very excited to announce that Feng-GUI for Video is available at the self service application and the API. To enable the feature, your account should have the 'video' role.
The price is one credit for every 10 seconds of video.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

AOIs can be created Automatically

Especially for you, for the lazy efficient ones, 
you can now instruct Feng-GUI to "Auto create and add AOIs" and during the analysis, the AOIs will be automatically added, based on areas with high attention.

Flash The Sloth Laughing Scene - ZOOTOPIA (2016) Movie

Creating a list of Areas Of Interests is probably the most powerful tool in Feng-GUI analysis.

Use the Areas of Interests to:
  • Define areas inside the image to determine the Visibility Score of this area.
  • Every AOI is reported with detailed data about fixations and visual features.
  • Compare results between different versions of your design and layout.
API users can also use this option by adding OutputAutoAddAOIs (64) to OutputOptions 

To learn more about AOI report

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Sharing is Caring - Share and Compare

Sharing is Caring !
Two new actions welcome 2020. Share and Compare.

Share action enables you to copy a link to the reports and share it externally with your colleagues and clients.

Compare action enables you to compare several reports in a single view.
Select few images from the gallery using the CTRL button and click Compare.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Machine Vision mashup Just Dance and Fortnite into one dance game

GeekCon makers' conference is a place where anything can and should happen. its a place for geek dreams to come true.

At Feng-GUI, we love reshaping the box and see how machine vision can be applied to more interactive implementations.
So, We've created a Just Dance game with Fortnite dances and emotes

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Feng-GUI 7.2 Release Notes

Feng-GUI 7.2 release notes
16 November 2019

  • web - renew SSL certification with higher 2048 key. 
  • web - added faq page at
  • dashboard - Upload > Image(s) 
    Support uploading up to 10 files at once.
  • dashboard - Settings > Billing > Billing information
    Added credit card information, billing cycle and Remove Credit card.
  • dashboard - Settings has new look. left navigation bar.
  • dashboard - UI - Preventing form resubmission of upload and analysis.
  • dashboard - UI - Preserve selected image and folder between analysis.
  • Reports - AOI - Add AOI text to report.
  • Reports - AOI - Fixations - sort by 'Time to first fixation' asc.
  • Reports - visual features - refine avarage values from highest value in AOI to avarage value in AOI.
  • email - Updated emails format.
  • email - Send subscription information email.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Feng-GUI 7.0.1 release notes

Feng-GUI 7.0.1 release notes

* added a 6th image at the dashboard. the original image. making it easy to drag and drop images.
* new core with new face detection, video support and visual features metrics.
* fix - fgcore fail if AOI is without a name.
* fix - the above error was not logged in database or log file. have that logged.
* dashboard - selecting a new image (javascript) clears the red label error.
* face detection dramatically improved.
* analysis is 4x faster
* upload and download are 10x faster
* dashboard - more tooltips
* menu - removed menu item "reports interpetations".
* order - form blocked for few failed or success transactions.
* fixed web snapshot hang.
* app - fixed top navbar.
* change legends watermarks - remove the number of participants.
* upload a new fgcore to support the new visual features and recommendations.
* change pagination from 32 to 100.
* change thumbnail height from 64 to 96
* Remove the toolbar. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Feng-GUI v7 - Turn Visual Data into Actionable Insights

Get Actionable Insights on Visual Features.
What color catches more attention in the visual scene ?
Should you increase brightness or induce darkness ?

Where is the best place to locate the logo and the tag line?
Dashboard v7 - turn visual data into actionable insights.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Feng-GUI - AI for Digital Marketing Agents

Using AI to Double the Conversion Rates for Your Clients in 45 minutes.

* Intro 00:00
* Case Studies 00:29
* Experts Testimonials 02:23
* Who is this for? 03:15
* The Core Concept 04:36
* About Feng-GUI 04:59
* Fact 1: Attention is The New Currency 05:59
* Fact 2: NeuroMarketing in modern market Research 07:35
* Fact 3: AI to Scale Your Business 09:15
* Key Points Summary 11:40
* Option 1 - The Hard Way 11:58
* Option 2 - Working with Feng-GUI 12:24
* This is For 12:35
* Customer Testimonials 12:50
* Quick and Dirty Benefits 14:50
* Feng-GUI Dashboard 15:30
* Feng-GUI Features 16:32
* Price Plans and Summary 18:45