Sunday, August 03, 2014

7 Tools That Significantly Increase Website Conversion

7 Tools That Significantly Increase Website Conversion
by Darryl Stevens at DigitechWebDesignAustin

Do you find yourself in any of the following categories?
  1. “I receive a lot of traffic from the search engines, but they never turn into customers”
  2. “I pay for my traffic through pay-per-click platforms such as Google Adwords, but I don’t know if it’s working”
  3. “I don’t get that much traffic, and I need to make every visitor count”
Obtaining traffic is half the battle – however, the other half – converting that traffic, is an art form in itself. After testing and trying out dozens of tools, we have came to the conclusion that there are 7 main tools that the average business owner should not do without!
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Top 10 tools for better understanding users

Top 10 tools for better understanding users by
Paul Boag at headscape UK :
On the first episode of season 10 we look at the top 10 tools for better understanding users. There really is no excuse not to test!
"... the main reason I use Feng-GUI is if I am having trouble with a client that is looking at a design and is going, oh, I don’t like it this way for whatever reason they have. Feng-GUI is a kind of an impartial thing, you can upload your image to Feng-GUI, you can show it to the client and go, look, they are looking at the things in the order we want them to."

Headscape is a digital agency co-founded by Marcus Lillington, Chris Scott, and Paul Boag. We guide organisations through the planning, implementation and evolution of their digital strategy.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Conversion Rates – Why Bing needs to pick up their game

David Robertson at undertook a number of tests on both Google and Bing search interfaces on mobile and desktop devices through Feng-GUI.
Increasing your conversion rate is a truly important component of managing a website. As you are proactively tuning your website to increase sales or whatever you consider as a conversion - without increasing the number of visitors you receive. Often small changes to the layout or the color of a button, or changing the words on the button will increase your conversion rates. But you really need to do some precursor work and testing.

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

14 CRO Gurus Share Favorite Optimization Tools

14 CRO Gurus Share Favorite Optimization Tools, and among them is CRO Guru & New York Times Best-Selling Author Bryan Eisenberg who lists Feng-GUI at favorite CRO tools.

Bryan also shares a video showing you how to use Feng-GUI dashboard.
Thanks! Bryan.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

8 takeaways from eye tracking studies

Like any powerful data research, eye tracking studies aren't cheap. The least expensive eye tracking devices cost around $5,000. By analyzing public eye tracking studies, Neil Patel came up with eight takeaways that can help your online business
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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Eye-Tracking Heat Map Study for Mobile Search

ClickZ: The study sought to find out if mobile ad extensions made a difference in click-through rates on mobile devices. Read on to learn the results.

Bing conducted a simple, but telling eye-tracking study with search ads and mobile ad extensions. With huge mobile growth (Bing Ads is seeing 122 percent year-over-year growth in mobile ad clicks), this has never been more relevant. Bing Ads did an eye-tracking study and found that, the more extensions your mobile ad has, the more attention it gets. 


Sunday, January 26, 2014

DLD 2014 - Innovation & Creativity - The Smart and The Useless

Rafael Mizrahi, Feng-GUI CEO, shows us a deep inside view of Israeli's un-conferences and maker's scene. GarageGeeks, GeekCon, MuseNet, and Kinnernet are un-conferences for makers and robotics, thousands of peoples are meeting each other for creation and innovations.

Rafael himself started with different innovations: home-made games, guitars that teaches you to play, TRON costumes, later a robot played a guitar, a virtual skater game was remodeled into a real game using a skate and a Wii Remote, an Iron Man Simulator to realize how to fly or mind controlled Angry Birds.