Monday, March 25, 2019

Feng-GUI - AI for Digital Marketing Agents

Using AI to Double the Conversion Rates for Your Clients in 45 minutes.

* Intro 00:00
* Case Studies 00:29
* Experts Testimonials 02:23
* Who is this for? 03:15
* The Core Concept 04:36
* About Feng-GUI 04:59
* Fact 1: Attention is The New Currency 05:59
* Fact 2: NeuroMarketing in modern market Research 07:35
* Fact 3: AI to Scale Your Business 09:15
* Key Points Summary 11:40
* Option 1 - The Hard Way 11:58
* Option 2 - Working with Feng-GUI 12:24
* This is For 12:35
* Customer Testimonials 12:50
* Quick and Dirty Benefits 14:50
* Feng-GUI Dashboard 15:30
* Feng-GUI Features 16:32
* Price Plans and Summary 18:45

Friday, March 08, 2019

Terms and Conditions - March 2019 Update

In an effort to continually improve our experience with you, our customer, 
we have implemented some updates to our terms and policies.
In order to support more types of payment processing, we were requested to make few adjustments to the Terms and Conditions. ( ) 
The requirement was to arrange in a single agreement the terms of service, purchase, cancellation, payment details privacy and service reliability.
We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously and value transparency in our interactions, 
so we’ve put together this summary of the more significant changes to our terms and policies. 

Here are some key highlights of the changes we have made:

  • "Language of the Terms" section was removed and replaced with "Charges and Cancellation".
  • "4.1 providing the service." updated
    Feng-GUI will provide the Services as described on the Order Form, and standard updates to the Services that are made generally available by Feng-GUI during the term. Feng-GUI may, in its sole discretion, discontinue the Services or modify the features of the Services from time to time without prior notice.
  • "7.4 Payment processing" added.
    Payment processing services enable to process payments by credit card, bank transfer or other means. To ensure greater security, Feng-GUI shares only the information necessary to execute the transaction with the financial intermediaries handling the transaction.