Monday, November 14, 2011

Feng-GUI Empower Designers to Make the World a Better Looking Place

Designers and Advertisers are using Cutting Edge Copy-Testing Technology to Increase Visual Effectiveness

Feng-GUI, a pioneer in measuring visual effectiveness, today announced great new features and more affordable pricing for its attention analysis service. Feng-GUI simulates human vision and creates heatmaps based on an algorithm that predicts what a real human would be most likely to look at.

This offers designers, advertisers and creatives, a pre-testing and copy-testing tool that predicts performance of an image and video, by analyzing levels of attention, brand effectiveness and placement, as well as breaking down the flow of attention.

Feng-GUI has added Gaze Plot, Opacity and Areas of Interest (AOIs) reports to its Attention Analysis service which measures the performance of design in websites and advertisement. The Gaze Plot, Opacity and AOIs reports are familiar for those of you who are using eye-tracking. Having these reports within Feng-GUI Dashboard enhances the analysis possibilities and gives the designer more details about how the viewers perceive what they see.

"Feng-GUI service is now faster and cheaper than before," said Rafael Mizrahi, Feng-GUI CEO.
"The recent service update includes improvements to our IT systems and provides faster response time to Dashboard and Web API customers.
Feng-GUI systems are now more scalable and we want to share this success with you and let you use Feng-GUI even more, and under the same price.
Therefore, we have doubled the credits for all packages, reducing the price from $5 per image to $2.5 per image."

About Feng-GUI
Feng-GUI’s mission is to create technologies and services that empower designers and advertisers to effectively analyze attention and attraction in visuals.

Feng-GUI services are used by more than 600 clients around the world including global leaders such as: WSI, McCann Erickson and Publicis.
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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Feng-GUI presenting at DLD Tel Aviv 2011

DLD (Digital - Life - Design) is a global conference network on innovation, digital media, science and culture. It connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration.

DLD Tel Aviv Summit is one of the events of Tel Aviv Festival.

DLD hosts were kind to invite Rafael Mizrahi, CEO at Feng-GUI to present at the following panels.

1 November
14:30 - 15:15 Brain Machine Interface
Moderated by:
Dr. Rafi Gidron - Chairman, Israel Brain Technologies; Former Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Precede and Chromatis
Rafael Mizrahi - GarageGeeks; CEO, Feng-GUI
Amnon Demri - Engineer and Entrepreneur
Prof. Nathan Intrator - Tel Aviv University
Imad Younis - President & CEO, Alpha Omega

Rafael Mizrahi presenting at Brain Machine Interface

Pick a StartUp - Showcasing Israeli Start-up companies at DLD festival
Out of all the digital Start-Up companies registered to this event, thirty companies will be randomly picked out to pitch its idea and will have the opportunity to give a 5 minute presentation each to to the audience which will include VC’s, Angels, leaders and executives of digital community.

Moderated by:
Vladimir (Vova) Soroka - Global Technology Unit (GTU) Leader, IBM
Yair Goldfinger - Co-founder & CEO, newCo; Co-founder, ICQ; Founder, Dotomi
Shimon Shocken - Computer Scientist Professor, IDC Herzliya
Stephanie Czerny - Managing Director, DLD Media & Ventures, Co-Founder DLD Conference
Marcel Reichart - Managing Director, DLD Media & Ventures, Co-Founder DLD

Feng-GUI presentation at Pick a StartUp

Feng-GUI presentation at Pick a StartUp

GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi Meet the Industry Leaders at DLD Tel Aviv

In the DLD festival the GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi will host "Meet the Industry Leaders" party.
We are inviting the entire entrepreneur community to meet with the leaders of the digital media industry.

This event will create a unique opportunity for leaders of the industry to connect with the next generation of leading entrepreneurs and potential business partners.
Moderated by Dr. Yossi Vardi – Co-Chairmen, DLD Tel Aviv Summit

* Christian Hernandez Gallardo – Director, Platform Partnerships EMEA, Facebook
* David Lawee – VP, Corporate Development, Google
* Dan Powers – Global VP Sales and Business Development, Amazon
* Dr. Hubert Burda – Co-Chairmen, DLD Tel Aviv Summit
* Haran Sold – Chief Strategy Officer, Alcatel-Lucent
* Arkady Volozh – Founder, Yandex
* Bhavneet Singh – Managing Director and Executive VP, MTV International

Rafael Mizrahi presenting at GarageGeeks party

Design Shack: mastering user attention with feng-gui

Written by Joshua Johnson, Published On 1st November 2011.
Filed in Design Shack.

page layout is much more involved than merely arranging the elements in a way that looks pretty. It’s about willfully structuring a message and user experience that meets a set of established goals. Too often designers stick elements in wherever they seem to fit with zero thought as to how it might disrupt the flow of information on the page.

Tools like Feng-Gui are a huge help in your quest to learn to structure yo designs in a logical and effective way.

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mastering user attention with feng-gui