Monday, October 30, 2023

Auto-Generated AOIs are your Friends

We're excited to announce that an upcoming feature will soon be available: Auto-Generated Areas of Interest (AOIs) in images. This technology is poised to simplify the world of advertising and neuromarketing, offering a practical tool to enhance audience engagement.

The Promise of Auto-Generated AOIs:

Identifying Areas of Interest (AOIs) in images has traditionally been a time-consuming and often subjective process. With our upcoming feature, we're introducing a streamlined solution, automating the AOI identification process to save time and improve accuracy.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency: With auto-generated AOIs, the process of identifying and tracking areas of interest in images becomes faster and more efficient, allowing for quicker analysis.
  • Accuracy: Powered by AI, this technology ensures precise AOI identification, enabling more data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhanced Engagement: By understanding which elements of an image captivate viewers, advertisers can craft more engaging content, focusing on what matters most to their audience.

IKEA's "Real Life Series" features a recreation of Monica's apartment from "Friends."
Auto-Generated AOIs report by Feng-GUI 

Elevating Neuromarketing:

For neuromarketers, this feature will open doors to more in-depth analysis. Auto-generated AOIs expedite the process, offering deeper insights for more effective marketing strategies.


Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of Feng-GUI, poised to enhance the fields of advertising and neuromarketing. This feature offers efficiency, accuracy, and improved engagement without exaggeration. Embrace Feng-GUI innovative tool to streamline your content analysis and stay ahead in the industry.