Thursday, April 30, 2020

AOIs can be created Automatically (New Feature)

Especially for you, for the lazy efficient ones, 
you can now instruct Feng-GUI to "Auto create and add AOIs" and during the analysis, the AOIs will be automatically added, based on areas with high attention.

Flash The Sloth Laughing Scene - ZOOTOPIA (2016) Movie

Creating a list of Areas Of Interests is probably the most powerful tool in Feng-GUI analysis.

Use the Areas of Interests to:
  • Define areas inside the image to determine the Visibility Score of this area.
  • Every AOI is reported with detailed data about fixations and visual features.
  • Compare results between different versions of your design and layout.
API users can also use this option by adding OutputAutoAddAOIs (64) to OutputOptions 

To learn more about AOI report