Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Feng-GUI 7.0.1 release notes (Upgrade)

Feng-GUI 7.0.1 release notes

* added a 6th image at the dashboard. the original image. making it easy to drag and drop images.
* new core with new face detection, video support and visual features metrics.
* fix - fgcore fail if AOI is without a name.
* fix - the above error was not logged in database or log file. have that logged.
* dashboard - selecting a new image (javascript) clears the red label error.
* face detection dramatically improved.
* analysis is 4x faster
* upload and download are 10x faster
* dashboard - more tooltips
* menu - removed menu item "reports interpetations".
* order - form blocked for few failed or success transactions.
* fixed web snapshot hang.
* app - fixed top navbar.
* change legends watermarks - remove the number of participants.
* upload a new fgcore to support the new visual features and recommendations.
* change pagination from 32 to 100.
* change thumbnail height from 64 to 96
* Remove the toolbar.