Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Feng-GUI Dashboard V6 preview

Feng-GUI dashboard V6 is scheduled to be released by January 2018.

New File Manager

The most prominent feature is the replacement of the bottom carousel with a file manager.


The file manager enables you to organize your images in directories.
You can create, rename, delete and move directories.

API updates

  • Additional file operations methods added to the API
    GetDirectories, GetFiles,MoveFile, MoveDirectory, DeleteDirectory, DeleteFile, CopyDirectory, CopyFile.
  • The GetImageAOIs method will become obsolete and you are encouraged to use the new file operation methods instead.
  • ImageAttention method return HeatmapInfo.OutputImage is now in the format /ImageId_heatmap.png
  • ImageAttention method used to create a new ImageId GUID on every analysis.
    From API version 6, the ImageId remains the same from image upload and through every image analysis.