Sunday, January 13, 2008

Comparing Eye and Mouse tracking with Computational Attention

Matei Mancas, PhD focus his research at the Faculty of Engineering, Mons, Belgium (FPMs) on Computational Attention.
His research demonstrates several interesting applications that employ computational attention.
The proposed applications are from various areas such as signal processing, data optimization etc'
Matei Mancas Computational Attention page

Matei also developed with two of his students Simon Wallerand and Fre'de'ric Lavis, a mouse-tracking technique he used as a a validation tool for his thesis.
You can participate online in his research by adding your own mouse (that follows your eyes) movements to the research results.
You can upload your images and get the mouse-tracking results on these images. You may also upload entire sets of specific images and than ask for the top-down model to the website administrator.