Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Fixations Data - Get to know your Areas of Interest

Fixation or visual fixation is the maintaining of the visual gaze on a single location. Our eyes constantly move in rapid bursts called saccades, with brief stops called fixations, during which we take in visual information through our fovea. Feng-GUI analysis report includes a list of fixations data related to each Area of Interest.
Time to first fixation - The time in seconds from when the stimulus was shown until the start of the first fixation within an Area Of Interest (AOI).
Fixation length - The length of the fixations in seconds within an AOI.
Fixation count - The number of fixations within an AOI.
Observation length - The total time in seconds for every time a person has looked within an AOI, starting with a fixation within the AOI and ending with a fixation outside the AOI.
Observation count - The number of visits and re-visits to an AOI.
Fixations before - The number of fixations before the participant fixated within an AOI for the first time.
Participant percentage - The percentage of participants that have fixated at least once within an AOI.